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  • Casemore Valuations are property valuation and strata experts. Established 1996 we value residential, commercial and industrial real estate across Sydney and adjacent regions.
  • We value property for buying and selling, taxation, litigation, superannuation compliance, company reporting, family law, compulsory Government acquisitions and a large range of specialised strata valuation requests.
  • Specialised strata valuations include roof spaces, storerooms, carparking, leasehold areas, rights of access, unit entitlements, valuations relating to building defects and loss of market value or rent.
  • We also assess property for Easements over land being drainage pipes, rights of carriageway, pedestrian access, temporary access to neighbouring land and wide variety of unusual purposes.
  • We are specialists in Strata Title and lead the field in Strata / Community Title valuations and advisory. 

Mark Casemore

  • Re-allocation of existing schemes. We specialise in amending unit entitlements.
  • Parking space
  • Storerooms and courtyard
  • Attics and roof space
  • Exclusive use area
  • 10 year Capital works fund plan
  • Drainage easement
  • Rights of access
  • Strata Scheme replacement valuations
  • Community Scheme replacement valuations
  • Neighbourhood Scheme replacement valuations
  • Valuation of real property
  • Expert witness testimony
Valuation of strata common property
  • Entitlement schedules for new plans
  • Valuations for the re-allocation of unit entitlements
  • Valuations for superannuation purposes
  • Valuations for rental determination
  • Valuations for Government acquisition
  • Valuations for stamp duty purposes
  • Changing Unit Entitlements
  • Common Property Valuations
  • Easement Valuations
  • Family Law Valuations
  • Insurance Valuations
  • Unit Entitlement Valuations
  • Other Valuation Services

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Customer Reviews

Don Hutton

“Thank you Mark for great service, you are a part of our team”

Peter Mandile

“…..trusted referral partner….your accurate advice and service always reflects well on us.”

Garry Widdup

“Casemore valuers are integral to our business in the area of Taxation and Super valuations”