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Casemore Valuations has the technical knowledge, skills and experience to provide expert advice in all areas of property valuations for all your insurance requirements including: Replacement with new and reinstatement value and indemnity value.

The Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 – requires various building insurances to be covered. The cost of the valuation is payable by the Owners Corporation or other persons with a vested estate in part of the building.

We recommend the majority of our clients engage an insurance valuation every three years as a preferred risk management strategy. Typically price movements in the building industry can vary dramatically from the headline inflation rate and under insurance is a real risk.

In assessing value we consider the current building / construction costs for contemporary replacement or reproduction of heritage structures where applicable. In addition we allow for other additional items where appropriate including demolition and removal of remaining debris, architectural, council and other general fees, and an allowance for inflationary price movements during the insured period. We also provide additional advice that includes catastrophe insurance premium to reflect inflated costs in this scenario. Furthermore, an estimate for alternate accommodation during the demised and construction period is included.

Casemore valuations believes not having the right insurance valuations can be a costly exercise. An insurance policy is a mechanism to protect the things of great value. Call For A Free Quote or fee scale.

Please feel free to call me direct (just click here to call from your smart phone). I would be pleased to share our wealth of knowledge when you need an insurance valuation, Mark Casemore