Casemore Valuation

Our specialist Strata and Community Title valuation are true experts and have over 30 years experience in in the following areas:

Strata Insurance Valuations.

With over 30 years experience in Strata valuation we can help you to advise the best value of your most important asset.

Strata Easement Valuations

Valuing rights of way or a roof space valuation we have a wealth of experience in helping our clients with what are very complex valuation issues.

Residue Strata area Valuations

Strata schemes can trade residue land but dealing with it correctly can land you in trouble. Casemore valuations have a wealth of knowledge in the area of common property valuation.

Capital Works Fund Plans as required by law

Greater knowledge of strata schemes and strata building costs and design assist us in building accurate and reliable Capital Works Fund Plans (formerly sinking fund forecasts). We offer experience and solutions to what can be a complicated procedure. Lack of sinking funds or an appropriate plan does impact the value of the scheme so call us to advise you when planning a sinking fund.

Unit Entitlement Valuations

Our company has all but written the book on unit entitlement valuations. We are the most experienced unit entitlement valuation team with many representations before the Tribunal. We can say that we have represented many schemes to date and continue to grow our knowledge as we are the most skilled unit entitlement valuers in Sydney.

Rights of Access

From time to time an adjoining land owner may seek a right of way through the strata scheme. This can be difficult and perplexing for the strata owners. We have completed many assignments on behalf of the owners corp to best advise the compensation that was due and payable.

Car parking valuations

We are experts at valuing car spaces so if you are intending to buy a common property car space call us for expert advise.

Please feel free to call me direct (just click here to call from your smart phone). I would be pleased to share our wealth of knowledge when you need a specialist strata valuer, Mark Casemore
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Valuation of strata roof top
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Casemore Valuations can also assist you with expert valuation advise on matters that conventional valuation firms cant, so we welcome your call or contact Mark directly on 0411 519 353

We can also provide valuations of real estate of any type and for any purpose including:

  • Valuations for superannuation purposes.
  • Valuations for rental determination.
  • Valuations for Government acquisitions.
  • Valuations for stamp duty purposes.